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Welcome Wagon has been marketing to new homeowners since 1928. They are a wonderful direct mail advertising company geared towards introducing thousands of new families in Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill to small, locally-owned businesses in the South Central PA area.  Welcome Wagon’s postcard and internet solutions pinpoint any demographic you desire — from the new homeowner to the new mom, to senior citizens. Currently we have 90 new families moving into Mechanicsburg every month and 88 new families moving into the Camp Hill area every month.  That is thousands of new families who are purchasing new homes and are looking for local businesses to do direct business with!

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About Cheriel

I have lived in Mechanicsburg for 45 years and I have a great love for our valley.  I have worn many hats over the years with a sales and marketing background in insurance sales, and also worked for a major restoration company who helps needy families restore their homes after a major loss.  I have been involved in different types of charities to help people who are suffering some kind of loss — helping with associations like American Cancer Society and Women’s Weekend Away at the Hilton.  I have helped prepare food bags for Bethesda Mission and Mission Central to help families who are without food to feed their families and now helping raise awareness for our local special needs community.  I literally fell in love with the intellectually and/or developmentally disabled people in our community. I saw how families are often fractured with only one parent taking care of everything from running the household to scheduling aides and specialists for this kids.

My husband, out of the love of his heart, took many thousands of dollars out of his retirement to build a new activity called Awareness Speedway Slot Car Club, Inc.  Check us out at  We knew God wanted us to have this charity because the IRS approved our 501(c)3 in only 3 weeks! Awareness Speedway Slot Car Club, Inc. provides therapeutic and behavioral benefits while having fun for the intellectually and/or developmentally disabled.  We are supported by NHS School for Autism, United Cerebral Palsy Group Home in Lisburn, CPARC and local families who love to visit our slot car track to have fun and learn.

As the Community Marketing Executive with Welcome Wagon, I am having such a fabulous time meeting so many locally-owned businesses and shops in Mechanicsburg. It is my pleasure to help as many mom-and-pop shops and small businesses gain new business from all the new and fabulous families moving into the area.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves to me. I am so happy to meet you and show you why you will want to become new partners with Welcome Wagon in Mechanicsburg and the local community!