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Heather Hartman


Spinning Harts Pole & Dance Studio




7011 Allentown Blvd, Ste 11, Harrisburg PA 17112

and 1993 Hummel Ave, Rear, Camp Hill, PA 17011








I’ve always had a passion for dance and it’s been an integral part of my life. After studying ballroom and belly dance, I found Pole in January of 2011. I took my first class alongside my sister, Tami, and we immediately fell in love. My goal in each of my classes is to show, by example, how beautiful everyone is and how they can build inner confidence and empowerment through pole. From personal experience, I know that pole can be a life changing journey.

With the love and support of our family, Tami and I decided to open a Pole studio and in March of 2015 SHS was born. Not long after, I was certified in pole instruction thru Discoveries Dance. Juggling a full-time programming career, family and our pole family can at times be quite challenging, but I have found that it only makes each moment together all the more precious. I feel extremely honored to have opened SHS along side of my beautiful sister and to share this passion… this love, with all who chose to walk thru our doors.away.

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