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At Nerium, we provide best-in-class, age-fighting products tailor-made to deliver visible results while also fitting your lifestyle. At Nerium we believe in a holistic, 360-degree approach to anti-aging. We offer plant-based skin care for your entire body and an all natural cognitive health supplement — all backed by science. Our age-defying night and day cream provides 24-hour protection to your face, neck and chest. The Firming Body Contouring Cream helps improve the appearance of cellulite and loose and dimpled skin on the rest of your body. NeriumEHT is an all-matural mind enhancement supplement to help protect against common, age-related mental decline; formulated with other ingredients to improve memory and increase focus. Nerium recently partnered with Signum Biosciences, Microsoft and Cosmax giving their Brand Partners the opportunity to build a global business right in their own backyard.

Recently married and I live in the Berks County area. My professional background is in property management, real estate, insurance, sales and business consulting. As a health, nutrition and fitness enthusiast, I partnered with the fastest growing company in the health, wellness and beauty industry — Nerium International. My passion is to educate others about taking care of their health and making them feel better about themselves — inside and out.

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Anyone interested in maintaining good health inside and out.