Megan Swope



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Megan began her Mary Kay Career in April 1998 as a hobby while she working as an ER nurse. She earned her first car in December 1999 and debuted as a sales director in April 2000. Since that time, she and her unit have earned 10 additional cars through Mary Kay, including 4 pink Cadillac’s. She is currently earning her 12th car-a pink Cadillac!

  • She has achieved 47 quarters of star consultant status and has earned 5 gold medals.

  • She completed the National Court of Sales once, earning a one carat diamond ring.

  • She has led her unit to the Circle of Achievement eleven times- 7 times in the $300,000 circle, twice in the $350,000 and twice exceeding $400,000.

  • The Miracle Makers were #1 unit in the McKeever National area in 2012,2013 and 2014.

  • She has earned over 6 carats of diamonds in her career.

  • Her highest commission check to date for one month has been $9338.50.

  • Since debuting as a sales director, her total commissions earned, not including her product sales, have exceeded $735,650!

  • At Seminar 2004, she was honored to be named the National Miss Go Give for the
    Diamond Division.

  • Megan has been married to John, her handsome hubby, for 25 years and is mom to Mark age 21, a college student and Mike, age 19, a student in technical school. Her business has given the family amazing experiences and memories. Among their favorites was the Star Cruise they took together in 2011 to Mexico as a family.

  • Favorite quote: “If it is to be, it’s up to me”.