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The Mosaic Effect


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Each of us is a mosaic of gifts, experiences, and beliefs that are built upon our core human design. When we embrace our own unique mosaic, we can love our own lives more, serve others better, and change the world.

I help small business owners and leaders to fully discover their unique combination of characteristics and resources and activate them in their work and personal lives for greater profitability, happiness, and soul satisfaction.  The mosaic effect combines their birth code, experiences, attitudes, values, and skills to dynamically change others’ lives and impact the world.  I offer The Mosaic Effect Discovery School course as well as work one on with clients.

Pattie is the founder of The Mosaic Effect, a company that guides people in recognizing and owning the full effect of their gifts and talents so they can make their greatest difference in the world. She has over 20 years experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and launch successful new products and services. She is a powerful resource for connecting people to make the most of who they really are.

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