Social Media Policy

Women’s Capital Area Networking understands that Members will participate in social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and chat rooms, and create and maintain personal websites, including blogs. Women’s Capital Area Networking respects Members’ online social networking and personal Internet use.

As Members’ online comments and postings can impact Women’s Capital Area Networking, the following guidelines have been adopted that Members should observe when participating in social networking sites and/or engaging in other forms of Internet use.

  1. Members should be mindful that words, images, posts, and comments can reflect or be attributed to Women’s Capital Area Networking. All online interactions, particularly those on Women’s Capital Area Networking’s social media sites and other online sites should be responsible and respectful to others.
  2. It shall be considered a breach of acceptable conduct to post on any public or private website or other forum, including but not limited to discussion lists, newsgroups, listservs, blogs, information sharing sites, social media sites, social or business networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or chat rooms, telephone based group communications such as Twitter, or any other electronic or print communication format, any of the following:
    1. Anything that may harm the goodwill or reputation of Women’s Capital Area Networking or any disparaging information about the Group or its Members.
    2. Any disparaging, discriminatory or harassing information concerning any Member, their employees, customers/clients. Women’s Capital Area Networking’s Code of Conduct applies online as well as offline.
    3. Any information, trade secrets, or intellectual property of Women’s Capital Area Networking, its Members, Member companies, and/or their customers/clients obtained in the course of business or personal interactions, including information relating to finances, research, development, marketing, customers, operational methods, plans and policies.
    4. Any private information relating to Women’s Capital Area Networking, its Members, their employees or customers/clients.
  3. Women’s Capital Area Networking encourages interaction online between Members, but Members are not to excessively post “commercials” or other information on Women’s Capital Area Networking online sites.

Any posts that are deemed to be unrelated to the membership of the group and/or the mission of Women’s Capital Area Networking will be deleted. Members who violate Women’s Capital Area Networking‘s Social Networking Policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include limiting Members’ activities and/or removal from the Women’s Capital Area Networking’s social sites.