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Negotiating Your Worth

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It is possible to get paid what you are worth. Buy do you KNOW YOUR WORTH? Do you ask for what you are worth or what it is going to take to get the sale? This month Catharene Garula will delve into the art of negotiation and learn skills to increase our negotiation power.

We invite you to join us
Wednesday, August 15th
11:30am - 1:30pm
The West Shore Country Club
(100 Brentwater Road, Camp Hill) 

Since the early 1980s, Catharene has been on the forefront of creating positive change.  As a young mother and activist, she spearheaded the relocation initiative for Centralia, PA, where an underground coal mine fire damaged the health and property values of local residents. The $42 million Federal appropriation was the USA’s largest environmental relocation of the 20th Century.

Catharene, is a woman of spirit and wit. She certified in negotiations with the International Right of Way Association to assist communities in disaster to receive full market value for their homes during negotiations with government entities and large corporations. Her successful career as an executive in the high tech and digital media industries strengthened her negotiation skills.

Catharene remains passionate about cutting edge technologies that improve quality of life and accelerate business. After a series of advancements in sales, marketing, strategy, and leadership positions at digital powerhouses, she founded Achievement Interactive in 2013. Achievement Interactive’s diverse client base includes media companies, global brands establishing business in the USA, non-profits making changes for the greater good and government organizations striving to meet the needs of their constituents.

With the goal of creating a fun retirement business (a decade in advance) she launched  Nana’s Teas in 2016.  Steeped Tea has become a great vehicle for making local friends with fellow tea lovers and celebrating good times with them.

Catharene and her husband, Sam enjoy stargazing, gardening, raising free range chickens, honey bees and hosting events at their Perry County farm They are the parents of five children and have three precious grandchildren. In their spare time they nap. You should, too!